What’s a Park Model???

So what the heck is a Park Model, exactly????


Park Model  (park  mo-del)  noun

1. A type of resort-style home, similar to a bungalow, cottage, or cassita. 2. Commonly found in RV Resorts and some RV parks throughout the United States.


1240pgClassified as an “RV” – recreational vehicle – there are NO property taxes like a house, because a Park Model is not exactly a “house”.  There is no “deed” – It’s “titled” like an RV.  A Park Model is NOT a manufactured home and is NOT a trailer.

Sold by manufacturers as a 400 square-foot home (by regulation), but when found at RV Resorts, commonly has an “extra room”, or many extra rooms added on.  With the long list of available options, including full size appliances and bathrooms, Park Model homes can range from modest to downright luxurious.

At an RV Resort or campground, your options may be:

Purchase a resale home

Purchase a new home

Move a new home on, purchased from a Manufacturer Direct



Park Model homes are found in RV Resorts around the country, in some campgrounds, and (state zoning permitting…) on private land.  Most RV Resorts have you purchase the Park Model home, but pay rent for the lot which usually includes many extras, commonly water, trash, sewer, activities…  Check with each RV Resort to see what is included in the lot rent.

Some RV Resorts include the lot in the purchase.  You’ll pay a higher price, but it eliminates the annual lot rent.   Each is different – so ask questions during your new Park Model home search.

Whether your Park Model home is a cabin in the woods, a bungalow on the lake, or a cottage at the beach, Park Model homes are quickly becoming the new millenniums affordable “second home” choice!


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