Park Models Make the Perfect Cottage, Cabin or Retirement Home

Even with the current depressed real estate market, it’s difficult to find a better value than park models when it comes to a cottage, cabin, vacation home or even a retirement home.  Because of economic hardship and cost cutting, much of the available housing stock hasn’t been maintained as well as it should have been, meaning that anyone who buys a house may well be facing additional repair expenses.  An alternative is to find an area that you love and consider buying one of the many attractive and reasonably priced park model homes offered.

When you visit, one of the first things you’ll notice is that new park model homes start at under $20,000.  That’s $19,900 for brand new, quality built park model home that is assembled under factory controlled conditions and built to exacting standards.  Would you rather pay $100,000 or more to buy someone else’s problem, or spend a fraction of that price to own a brand new park model that can be shipped virtually anywhere in the country?

Most park model homes are built to meet RV industry code, and many are built by the same factories that produce manufactured homes. provides the ultimate buying experience for anyone who is looking for alternatives to traditional housing.  Customer testimonials will attest to the positive experiences that customers rave about.  It’s difficult to find a better value for park models; Park Models Direct has such tremendous volume that it’s able to offer the best prices imaginable and with factory located sales centers across the country, it’s easy to find park models in your area.  Unlike buying an existing home or cottage, choosing park model homes from means you have choices: you select the retailer you wish to deal with, the builder and the floor plan.  You can even chose options and upgrades such as a loft, dormers, a cedar exterior, ceramic tile flooring or a cedar exterior.  When you walk through the model homes, it’s hard to believe that you’re stepping through a factory built home and not a traditionally built house.

Growth in the area of park model homes has been explosive in recent years and this segment is probably the hottest in the RV industry.  By taking advantage of the facilities used to build high-end manufactured homes, park models are available making the most of modern design and the highest quality construction standards.  These beautiful homes make the perfect alternative to a cottage, retirement home or cabin.

About the Author:

Eric Steadman works for Factory Expo Home Centers, the leading national factory direct distributor of high quality, factory built homes, including park models.  Operating since 1999, FactoryExpo offers the unique option of a factory tour and onsite model village along with a commitment to value-based pricing.  For additional information about park model homes, please contact Eric by e-mailing

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Thanks for helping me sell my Park Model! It was for sale forever - until I posted my ad with you! I had so many calls, I should have raised the price! (Only kidding) - Roberta

Mark mine SOLD!! This site is the BEST for finding buyers all over the country. - Rod Gibbins

My daughter posted my ad for my Park Model and I was amazed how much response we got! Now I'm back on the road for a while. Thanks Park Model Sales Online!!

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Thanks Park Model Sales. I live in Canada and would never have found such great RV Resorts in AZ if it was not for all these homes advertised for sale. I found the PERFECT park model in Apache Junction. Thanks!! - Alison Hamilton - Alberta

Most RV Resorts don't want you to know the real bargains that are out there. I got a smokin' deal - For Sale By Owner- found on your web site. Never would have found that from the Resort itself.

- Clay Roberts - MN

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